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Article in Hudson Valley Magazine

Driving Dragons for a Good Cause

On July 21, the view from the shores of Poughkeepsie gets even more spectacular with the return of the Dutchess Dragon Boat Race & Festival, now in its fifth year.

In this fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County, teams ply the 200-meter river racecourse in 30 colorful dragon boats provided by 22 Dragons of Montreal…[read the complete article]


Article in Poughkeepsie Journal 

Dragon boats race on Hudson River, and a local nonprofit wins

Antuone Babb had never been on the Hudson River prior this week.

But that all changed after he agreed to join the “Partnership Paddlers,” representing the nonprofit Family Services, at the fourth annual Dragon Boat Race and Festival in Poughkeepsie…[read the complete article]

Photo Spread in Poughkeepsie Journal


Article in the Daily Freeman

Dutchess Dragon Boat Races and Festival in Poughkeepsie on July 23


Article in Poughkeepsie Journal 

Dragon Boat Race & Festival celebrates Chinese culture

The dragons return to the Poughkeepsie waterfront for the second year during the Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival July 25.

The Dragon Boat Races originated in China as a commemoration of the life and death of the Chinese scholar and poet Qu Yuan, and are now popular across many Asian cultures. Some of the traditions practiced during Dragon Boat Festivals around the world are eating zongzi (sticky rice treats wrapped in bamboo leaves) and racing dragon boats. . . . [read the complete article]

Article in Chronogram

Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival

Clans of dedicated participants undergo a week of training in order to prepare for the Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival. Ten teams made up of 16 paddlers, one drummer, and a professional, experienced steerer, will compete for glory on the Hudson River. Spectators will have the opportunity to visit the day-long Asian Cultural Festival which will include games, dancing, souvenirs, and food and drink . . . [read the article].

Article in Poughkeepsie Journal

VIDEO: Dragons take to the river for boat race, festival Saturday

All sorts of wildlife inhabits the Hudson River, but dragons will dominate the waters this weekend.

Representations of the mythical beasts will take to the Poughkeepsie waterfront Saturday for the second annual Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival.

A tribute to traditions from Chinese and other Asian cultures, the festival will feature wood-block printing, paper art and traditional Chinese foods. Sixteen boats, each decorated with a dragon head and tail will compete in a 200-meter race . . . [read the article].

Article in Hudson Valley News Network

2nd Annual Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival

The dragons are coming back to Poughkeepsie on Saturday, July 25 for the 2nd Annual Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival. Featuring Dragon Boat Races on the water and the Asian Festival on shore, the event will provide a full day of fun.

The Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival will begin at 9:00am with a ceremony that awakens the dragon and includes local elected officials to kick off the day. While the races begin, the festival will provide performance, demonstrations, food and art for attendees. The festival’s performances and demonstrations are free and open to the public . . . [read the article]

Article in Hudson Valley News

Dragons to Descend on Dutchess
(note: no longer archived)
The dragons are returning to the Poughkeepsie waterfront on July 25 for the second year during the Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival. Dragon Boat Races are a Chinese tradition that has gained popularity across many Asian cultures. The races begin with a ceremony at 9 a.m. that awakens the dragon.

As the long people-powered boats are racing down the river, there will be an Asian Festival on the shore with continuous performances and demonstrations. The event is free and open to the public, and will take place at the Hudson River Rowing Association Community Boat House on Water Street in Poughkeepsie. This daylong event is sponsored by Dutchess Tourism, with all proceeds benefitting Arts Mid-Hudson and Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation . . . [read the article]

Photo Spread in Poughkeepsie Journal

PHOTOS: Dragons race in the Hudson River
Locals saw an unusual sight on the Poughkeepsie waterfront Saturday: dragons racing in the Hudson River.


The second annual Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival took place in Poughkeepsie. Sixteen teams of 16 people paddled canoes — decorated with dragon heads, tails and scales — in the 200-meter race. The Zombie Dragons team came in first, followed by Tubby’s Conquistadors and J. Strong . . . [read the article]

Article in Almanac Weekly

Dutchess Dragon Boat Race on Poughkeepsie waterfront
We all know that most dragons fly. Some, however, glide along the top of the water with great speed and accuracy, as if driven by an ancient necessity to appease the gods or confuse the fish or simply prove their superior strength. I refer, of course, to the tradition of dragon boat racing, a Chinese sport that has teams of synchronized rowers competing in long, flat-bottomed boats, urged on by the rhythm of an onboard drummer . . . [read the article]

Article in Hudson Valley News Network

Dragons On The Hudson
It was a beautiful summer day along the majestic Hudson when the dragons awoke, came alive and glided over the river in race after race throughout the day . . . [read the article]


Article in Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly

Poughkeepsie hosts Dragon Boat Races this Saturday

(Please note: no longer archived)
Considering the way that the opening of the Hudson River Rowing Association Community Boathouse on the Poughkeepsie waterfront has pumped up local interest in human-powered competitive boating, converging with the fact that Arts Mid-Hudson’s Folk Arts program has been sponsoring an annual Asian Festival at Waryas Park for years now, it seems inevitable that said waterfront would eventually become a host site for the ancient sport of dragon boat racing . . . [read the article].

Photo Spread in Times Herald Record Online

Dragon Race on the Hudson

Team Awaken the Dragon, sponsored by Peter Van Aken, gets last-minute instructions from coach Greg Chang before paddling out to the starting line . . . [see the article].


Article in Poughkeepsie Journal

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Dragon boats roar down the Hudson.

Chinese dances and music, legends of dragons, food trucks and boats melded to create a dynamic new festival on the Poughkeepsie waterfront . . . [read the article].

News Report on Time Warner Cable News

Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival Held in Poughkeepsie.

If you were enjoying this beautiful Saturday along the Hudson River in Dutchess County you may have seen a bunch of colorful dragons out on the water . . . [read the article]. (Includes video that can be viewed by TWC subscribers)

Two Articles in the Poughkeepsie Journal

Dragon boat event Saturday unique racing on river. One day after the Walkway Over the Hudson fireworks display will illuminate the sky above the Hudson River with a multitude of colors and a cacophony of sounds to celebrate the July 4 holiday, the river will be alive in broad daylight with bright colors and wonderfully unique sounds . . . . [read the article]

The Fourth of July weekend brings celebrations across the country and here in the Hudson Valley we are fortunate to have fireworks and the annual balloon festival over the Hudson River. This year, residents and visitors can see a new tradition beginning with the arrival of the dragon boats . . . . [read the article]

Article in the Southeast-Brewster Patch

Dragons, Drummers and Dancers Converge on the Hudson River Saturday for Charity

This Saturday the sights and sounds of Asia will fill the waterways and land masses along the Hudson River . . . [read the article]