2016 Team Bios


St. George’s Dragon Slayers

Captain: Luigi Manente
Sponsor: Archdiocese of NY Office of Young Adult Outreach

We are a team of Catholic young adults, college age to 40 years old, from all over the Archdiocese of New York and the Hudson Valley, who believe in Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life. We strive, and sometimes we fail, to live holy lives but we still know how to have a good time and kick butt dragon boat racing! St. George, pray for us!


Cindy’s Inspiration

Captain: Cindy Kenworthy

Cindy’s Inspiration is just as its name reflects. We are a group of friends who are motivated by helping others. We live by the four Fs: Fun, Family, Friends, & Fortitude. Many of us participate in the variety of sporting events that are hosted by Miles of Hope such as “Hoops for Hope,” “Goals for Hope,” “Hits for Hope” and now the “Dragon Boat Festival.” Our crew races for the memory of those we have lost, those who have survived, and those who are battling breast cancer today!


Smoke on the Water

Captain: Zen Piatek
Sponsor: IDE Corp.

This is our 2nd year of taking part in the Dutchess Dragon Boat Festival and we were thrilled to take 3rd place out of all the fellow boaters!

We are proud to be sponsored by IDE Corp. who strives to be the world leader in visioning, designing, and implementing instructional and organizational models that empower all learners. We engage educators in continual reflective practice to shift paradigms and to transform the teaching/learning process.

Find us on the web at http://www.idecorp.com and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/idecorp


The Fire Breathers

Captain: Shannon Leddy & Cathi DeLeon

We are an amalgamation of spirited individuals of all ages, many interests, and two goals…to raise $ for the Miles of Hope BCF and to HAVE FUN! Our team is a joint venture of members from 2 different boats from last year, so watch out!!!
We are the fortunate ones and will paddle, paddle, paddle our boat for our loved ones!

And contrary to our name…we all have wonderful-smelling breath!



Captains: Sharone Wellington-deAnda, Donna Tompkins and Jean DeFino
Sponsor: Marist College

Located on a campus overlooking the historic Hudson River, Marist College founded in 1929 as a training school for future Marist Brothers. Marist has developed into one of the leading colleges of the arts and sciences in the nation.

The Marist Fire Foxes have returned for their 2nd year of participation in the Dutchess Dragon Boat Race and Festival. Marist serves as a true member of the Dutchess County community and joins in supporting organizations like Arts – Mid Hudson and Miles of Hope


Arnoff Express

Coach: Mike Arnoff
Sponsor: Arnoff Moving & Storage, Inc.

This is our 1st year participating in the Dragon Boat races but we come with more than 90 years experience in the transportation business! Our team is made up of our world class staff and family members, awesome customers and fabulous friends. We are so proud to support Miles of Hope, Arts Mid-Hudson & the Dutchess County community at large that is home to our 5 generation family business. Find us at www.Arnoff.com


Amicus Draco

Captain: Pam Bass
Coach: Paul Horvath
Sponsor: Thomas, Drohan, Waxman, Petigrow, & Mayle LLP

Thomas, Drohan, Waxman, Petigrow, & Mayle LLP is the sponsor of Team Amicus Draco, Friends of the Dragon! We are looking forward to participating in our first Dutchess County Dragon Boat Festival. The Hudson Valley is home to our firm. Our team is comprised of attorneys, staff, family, and friends. We are excited for the challenge that lies ahead. Paddles Up!

Learn more about our firm at www.tdwpm.com


The Vikings

Captains: Don Minichino & Lydia Higginson

We are a band of misfit warriors assembled by the Viking gods to take to the river Hudson in a day of fierce competition – one of courage, strength, endurance, debauchery (and silliness). We come together from villages near and far, cultures familiar and strange, physiques athletic and, um, well, everything really.

We are not perfect. We are undertrained, unorganized and unapologetic. (We are here to pillage. It’s just what we do.) And we’re on a mission to come out on top (and eat a ton of junk food).



The Pink Paddlers

Captain: Rachel Ross

We are a high energy team of family, friends. and fighters who are huge supporters of Miles of Hope!! We are bringing our positive energy down to the river for a day filled with fun and team spirit to support our local charities. We are honored to paddle for such a great cause!


Metro Athletic Dragons (MAD)

Captains: Justin Dou and Chao Chen
Coach: Justin Dou

We are the young and new generation of Metro Athletic Dragons based in New York City. We are as swift as a coursing river. With all the force of a great typhoon. With all the strength of a raging fire, we are as mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Become a part of something greater than the individual. We are MAD, not really.


Jay Strong

Captains: Stephen Ho
Coach: Margie and Co.
Sponsor: Friends and Family of Jeannette Ho

Team Jay Strong… it rhymes with Stay Strong and we know that’s what our extraordinary sister, cousin, friend, daughter, and hero would have wanted us to do. A diverse boat of paddlers, we come from all walks of lives, in all shapes and sizes, of all ages and ethnicities. But today we come together to honor the legacy of courage, laughter, and hope that Jeannette Ho has left behind. And today we raise our paddles, in sync, to continue the fight against breast cancer and all cancers.


Blazing Paddles

Captains: Dave Lindemann

We are a happy enthusiastic collage of individuals, various in age, locale, background, and Race experience but all united in support of all our wonderful friends, neighbors, and community.


Smoke on the Water

Captains: Zen Piatek

This is our 3rd year of taking part in the Dutchess Dragon Boat Festival and we were thrilled to take 3rd place out of all the boats in the first year of the festival!

We have a young crew of paddlers this year and look forward to a fun day of paddling out on the river!


Kay’s Krew

Captains: Cindy Kenworthy
Coaches: Linda Amicucci

Kay’s Krew came together to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed this year. Kay has supported her daughter and friends dragon boat racing for over 8 years and loved the excitement this sport brought to the Hudson Valley. Kay’s Krew will forge on the river with the passion and conviction in hopes of taking home a metal. Please cheer loud for this Krew as Kay’s voice will be missed.